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Nia Dance

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As adults we are somehow of the belief that there is no time for bringing out our inner child to play anymore - Nia is an outlet to let that happen. Nia invites you to step away from your everyday schedule and take one hour just for you to dance and move your body. The neat part is that if you have two left feet, Nia is a perfect class for you - this is about moving your body YOUR way. The result is an hour of stress free movement of the body done to uplifting music that leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Incorporating 52 movements that are gentle on the body, combining Dance Arts, Healing Arts and Martial Arts.



Elaine Dunphy

Nia Instructor

About Elaine Dunphy

Nia Instructor

Elaine is a certified Nia instructor with her White Belt, her Blue Belt and her Nia Moving to Heal certification and has been offering Nia locally since 2017. Elaine’s personal mantra is JOY – finding it in her life and sharing it with others and creating joy through movement sharing the Nia Philosophy with her students. For more information – you can find Elaine on Facebook at Nia on the Rock
  • Location Bonavista Room
  • Date 2023 June 10
  • Start time 7:00 am
  • End time 8:00 am
  • Credit hours 0
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