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Strategic Treatment Planning & Increasing Your Case Acceptance

About this Seminar

During the last 3 decades, we've seen the advancement of dental services,
techniques, equipment & technologies expand exponentially. Today, we know so
much more about oral health, it's connection to overall health and well-being,
and particularly treatment options for ideal outcomes. We know more and can
do more.

It's been an exciting time in dentistry but also a challenging one. While the
industry has experienced a quantum leap and the range of services has grown,
chair-side time constraints have become compressed due to changing infection
control protocols, staff turnover, busy schedules and so on. Many of today's
treatment options require more time than ever to discuss thoroughly and
satisfyingly so the patient has complete understanding of options and

Managing the treatment opportunities for patients is possibly one of the most
mismanaged functions in most dental practices today. Learn how to translate
chair-side discussions into appointments and accepted cases.

 Organizing cases by Type and the rules for each
 Documentation of treatment options
 Tips for Effective Case Presentations
 Follow-up protocols

 5 Critical steps for Treatment Planning
 Strategies for treatment discussions, everyone’s role in those
 How to perform powerful consultations; what to say and how to present
treatment options
 Financial & Treatment Consent forms


Bob Hope

About Bob Hope

For over 30 years, Bob Hope has been providing dental offices across North America with management solutions and energetic ways to deliver exceptional quality care to patients. A Bachelor of Arts graduate from the University of Manitoba, he guided the direction of the Autopia practice management software throughout the 1990’s, and gained insights into the ways team members integrate technology with the delivery of dentistry. In 2004, he was retained by the Toronto College of Dental Hygienists to develop and instruct a first semester course on improved Communication Skills, and then for the second semester, a course on an Introduction to Psycho-Social Skills. For five years, Bob taught and inspired hundreds of Dental Hygiene students. In 2005, he established his own Consulting firm combining his enthusiasm for Dentistry with a contagious passion to strive for nothing short of extraordinary results. Knowing every challenge in every practice is unique, Bob’s approach is not templated. Whether focusing on the interactions of the team dynamic, ensuring consistent documentation of everyone’s role in the patient experience, developing organizational efficiencies or discovering improved communication skills, Bob customizes his efforts to the needs of every team and client. His ultimate goal is for the growth of both the practice and also the people who run it. In 2014, he released the new generation of practice management software called OPES, which integrates many of his consulting principles and best practices into the product. Wondering “what happens when I’m not here”, OPES provides substantial statistical data and management feedback to its clients. In 2018, the Aurum Group added Bob to their impressive roster of Study Club speakers across Canada and in June, 2018, Bob was a speaker at the Newfoundland Dental Convention, presenting seminars on Developing Growth & Sustaining it and on Maximizing your Hygiene Department.
  • Location Salon CD
  • Date 2023 June 08
  • Start time 9:00 am
  • End time 12:00 pm
  • Category 2
  • Credit hours 3
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