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Infection Control

About this Seminar

Holistic infection control refers to a comprehensive and integrated approach to preventing and controlling infections.

Course Outline
Program Outline:
1. Perspectives
2. Philosophy
3. Connections
4. Essential Concepts ( Why do we get sick ? )
5. Use of personal protective equipment, disinfectants and devices
6. Evaluation, and management of the healthcare environment
7. Design, layout and workflow of facilities
8. Handling and disposal of hazardous waste
9. Training and personal wellbeing of healthcare workers
10. Documentation and policy
11. Professional Choice

Our program endeavours to share new perspectives on the complex relationships between people, microbes and our environment. We also provide practical information and tips to protect you, your team and the patient.


Ryan Swift

VP, Micrylium

About Ryan Swift

VP, Micrylium

Ryan Swift is the Vice President of Micrylium Laboratories Inc. He is a seasoned regulatory and product development professional with over 20 years of experience in the field. He has worked closely with numerous dental manufacturers and distributors to secure Health Canada (DIN, GMP, GLP), FDA, and ISO registrations for their devices and establishments. Ryan's expertise lies in green chemistry, drug manufacturing, process design, technical writing, and infection control. He has a proven track record of successfully bringing therapeutic drug products and drug delivery methods to market. He is deeply passionate about the environment and dedicated to improving the effectiveness of both products and practices.
  • Location Salon CD
  • Date 2023 June 10
  • Start time 1:00 pm
  • End time 4:00 pm
  • Category 1
  • Credit hours 3
  • Sponsor: Micrylium
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