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CBCT: Indications and clinical applications of 3D in the general dentist practice.

About this Seminar

Learn when you should take a 3D image to complete your dental examination and achieve
your diagnostic task.

Learn which Field of View (FOV) is ideal for each clinical situation.
Patient positioning review and how to take the CBCT scan step by step.
Data reconstruction and how to open, view and export the scan.

Learn of to navigate within the multiplanar reconstructions with the step-by-step technique
Axial, coronal, and sagittal views will become easy !
Learn how to create panoramic, cephalometric, TMJ, Airway and so much more image

Learn the applications of CBCT in endodontic, implant dentistry, oral surgery, TMJ,
orthodontics, and more.


Dr. Katya Archembault

About Dr. Katya Archembault

Dr Katya Archambault is a Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologist from UCLA. She also received a Certificate in Implant Dentistry from New York University. She got her dental degree from Laval University and did a Certificate in Microbiology at that same university. She also got extensive TMJ training in Austria at Danau University. She is the co founder of the UCSD San Diego Dental Health Center in La Jolla, CA. She also has an appointment in UCSD as a clinical instructor within the Department of Head and Neck Surgery and Otolaryngology and with the Department of Plastic Surgery. Her clinical interests are in Pathophysiology and Radiologic interpretation of the Maxillofacial Complex, Maxillofacial Radiology, Sleep Apnea and Airway Evaluation, TMJ, Soft and Hard tissue reconstructive Surgery, implantology and navigation procedures. She is an international lecturer, published into journals and received several awards over the years. Dr Archambault is also a member of the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology, Academy of Osteointegration and International Congress of Oral Implantology.
  • Location Salon B
  • Date 2023 June 09
  • Start time 1:00 pm
  • End time 4:00 pm
  • Category 1
  • Credit hours 3
  • Sponsor: Dexis
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